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So, what is Extra Plugin?

Extra Plugin is a Google Adsense plugin for your wordpress blogs with Placement Targeting feature that target your categories and places a different Adsense channel for a different category. This way, you can make more channels for your Adsense ads that are related to a category, making every channel more targeted to your articles. Niche and targeted channels can get more advertisers, thus increasing your CTR and CPC. Also, such targeted channels are sometimes featured in the Adwords system, which will help you to get more high paying advertisers.

You can see how this would be useful. Let’s say that you run a car blog. You can have one set of ads for your Ford category, another set of ads for your Toyota category, and yet another set for your Ferrari category. Each of these can have different Adsense targeting, different keywords, different channels, and different optimization.
 – John Chow

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10 Ways To Get Extra Plugin Premium API Keys – For Free

by ExtraPlugin on February 13, 2012

Extra Plugin has got a lot of press in the last few months and thus increased our sales many times over. For bigger business houses we recommend buying our API keys and help support our project, but as a small to medium sized blogger and our loyal reader, you can receive our API key for free. So, here in this article, am going to point out 10 ways in which you can get a free API key. (Download the Free Version for Free). [click to continue…]


Adsense Plugin for WordPress – Placement Targeting – Coming Soon

by ExtraPlugin September 10, 2011

we will launch an adsense plugin that will use the placement targeting feature of adsenes for your wordpress blogs

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